Register your Project

RAWCS Projects are registered for these purposes:

RAOAF – Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund is an Overseas Aid Fund to provide sustainable development aid in developing countries as identified by the Department of Foreign Affairs or short term relief for disasters.

Click here to read to the Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund Criteria.

To register click on the link below:

RABS – Rotary Australia Benevolent Society is a Public Benevolent Fund to register projects within Australia to enable Rotary Clubs and District to provide assistance to people in need within their local or wider community.

Click here to read the Rotary Australia Benevolent Society Criteria.

To register click on the link below:

RACG – Rotary Australia Compassionate Grants program manages philanthropic donations to be distributed to disadvantaged Australians identified by local Rotary clubs or Rotary districts as being worthy of financial assistance.

Click here to read the Rotary Australia Compassionate Grants Criteria.

RARF – Rotary Australia Relief Fund is a Level 2 Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) fund to enable collection of funds that are not directed at specific projects.
Level 2 DGR Funds CANNOT be spent directly but must be transferred to Level 1 DGR Projects (ie. RAOAF, RABS and RACG Projects).
RARF is administered on a National basis, fully utilising the RAWCS website and our online donation facility to minimise administration costs.

Click here to read the Relief Fund Criteria.

Only a person with Admin access to this website can register a RARF project By clicking on the link below:

LTD – RAWCS Limited Fund is available to support Rotary Clubs and Rotary Districts with projects that do not require tax deductibility for the donated funds.

Click here to read the RAWCS Limited Fund Criteria.

To understand more about how to register any type of project look the RAWCS PROJECT MANUAL or this PowerPoint presentation – How to register a new project

For help to register a project please contact your  District RAWCS Chair or RAWCS Regional Supervisor. Click to find out more.

This guide may help you to market your project: Guide for RAWCS Project Managers to market their project – images and words