RAWCS Volunteers do a tremendous job throughout the world, providing their time, effort and personal commitment to help others. 

RAWCS aims to make the process easy for volunteers and Rotary Clubs to become involved, join a Team, register online and experience a RAWCS volunteer trip that will be remembered all of your life.

The information below relates to some common enquiries by RAWCS volunteers. By following the simple advice and procedures listed below, you can find a project and become a Team member. We appreciate your interest and want to help your volunteering experience run smoothly and to plan.

How does someone become a RAWCS/Rotary volunteer?

A person wishing to volunteer for overseas service as a RAWCS/Rotary volunteer will need to:

  • Contact a RAWCS Project Manager who is able to find a place on one of the teams that they are organising. 
  • You can search for all projects requiring volunteers by clicking on the BLUE BAR above.
  • The Project Manager or Team Leader must invite each volunteer by email containing the website address, username and password to login to the Volunteer website.
  • Once logged in you need to complete your online registration documentation and upload the requested documents.

Each volunteer will need to supply the Project Manager or Team Leader:

  • A private email address that cannot be used by any other RAWCS volunteer.
  • Your full name as it appears in your passport.
  • The given name you prefer to be known as.
  • Your occupation or previous occupation if retired
  • Estimate of the airfare, travel, accommodation and food costs for the trip

All RAWCS Volunteers must leave from and return to a place of residence in Australia to be eligible to be covered by the Rotary Australia Travel Insurance Policy. When volunteers have completed their online registration documentation, they are emailed a copy of the Rotary Travel Insurance Summary and the Rotary Travel Insurance Handbook.

These documents give every volunteer information on what the Insurance Policy covers and how to contact the Insurance Company in an emergency. They also tell you how to make a claim if required. Remember to contact your sponsoring Rotary District Insurance Officer to seek advice and notify them of your problem.

For more information please read the RAWCS Volunteers Manual