To make a donation, search for projects by particular words.

  • Country, Rotary International Areas of Focus, Donations in Kind and Rotarians Against Malaria. You can also define the search further by selecting those requiring volunteers or funding.

  • The advanced search is to assist Regional Coordinators, Project Managers, Clubs and Districts identify those projects that they are responsible for administering. 

  • RAWCS prefers that you select a specific project and donate to that project.

  • You can search all projects by using the DONATE to a PROJECT button above. All registered projects have a donate button. All donations made are issued a tax deductible receipt by email as soon as the funds are confirmed in the RAWCS account.

  • Read this about how to actually make your donation - Donation Information Sheet 

More information on fees levied on project donations, refund policy and requests for transfer forms are available in our important information section.