Rotary Australia Relief Fund - RARF

For Administrators Only

The Rotary Australia Relief Fund (RARF), a public ancillary fund [PAF], was set up to:

  • Act as an over-arching fund for many of Rotary’s charitable activities in Australia.
  • Act immediately as a recipient of funds donated for disaster relief.

A PAF is a distinct charity and designed by the Commonwealth Government to be a funding entity only for charitable causes [DGR Level 2]. It must transfer all funds for which it has given a tax deductible receipt to a DRG Level I to undertake the actual projects.

The attributes of the PAF are:

  • Receive donations immediately after a disaster and transfer the funds to a specific fund set up for that disaster some weeks after the event.
  • Receive general donations and hold until sufficient funds have accumulated to release to a DGR 1 entity to undertake a project selected by the Board.
  • Receive and hold donations for a period time pending a decision on where the funds are spent.
  • Receive donations nominated for a specific cause but not a specific project; specific projects should be registered in the DGR level 1 funds.

The PAF will act as a “financier” under terms and conditions set out by the RAWCS Board.

Distributions from PAF are not limited to Rotary entities with DGR status but to any entity with DGR Level 1 status.

Please read the criteria for RARF projects.

As the RAWCS Board must have full control of funds held in a RARF, the Project Manager and Deputy Project Manager of all RARF projects must be RAWCS Board members at the time of registration.

All RARF projects will be marked as “National” projects.

Only a person with Admin access to this website can access the RARF registration page through the button below:

Register a RARF Project