Rotary Australia Relief Fund


The Rotary Australia Relief Fund (RARF), a public ancillary fund [PAF], was set up to:

  • Act as an over-arching fund for many of Rotary’s charitable activities in Australia.
  • Act immediately as a recipient of funds donated for disaster relief.

A PAF is a distinct charity and designed by the Commonwealth Government to be a funding entity only for charitable causes [DGR Level 2]. It must transfer all funds for which it has given a tax deductible receipt to a DRG Level I to undertake the actual projects.

The attributes of the PAF are:

  • Receive donations immediately after a disaster and transfer the funds to a specific fund set up for that disaster some weeks after the event.
  • Receive general donations and hold until sufficient funds have accumulated to release to a DGR 1 entity to undertake a project selected by the Board.
  • Receive and hold donations for a period time pending a decision on where the funds are spent.
  • Receive donations nominated for a specific cause but not a specific project; specific projects should be registered in the DGR level 1 funds.

The PAF will act as a “financier” under terms and conditions set out by the RAWCS Board.

Distributions from PAF are not limited to Rotary entities with DGR status but to any entity with DGR Level 1 status.

Please read the criteria for RARF projects.