Rotary Australia Repurposing Equipment (RARE) is an activity that establishes an efficient and effective program for distributing obsolete medical and educational equipment to disadvantaged communities in Australia and overseas under a regulative framework.

Repurposing EquipmentTurning landfill into lifesaving aid dramatically and measurably improves social and environmental outcomes.

Health & Education Equipment Repurposing Activity Achieving sustainability by placing obsolete equipment where it is needed.

MediShareSharing Sustainable Healthcare Solutions with Developing Nations.

These projects are mechanisms for the repurposing and the reuse of equipment, which is no longer required, making a positive impact on the environment by reducing landfill and achieving sustainability.

Please refer to Acceptable Equipment Guidelines

Projects accept suitable items and organise suitable recipients. They manage delivery logistics and undertake to ensure that donated equipment is fully operational and that all essential accessories, supply documentation and services  manuals critical to the usability of the equipment are available.

We recommend that when consigning containers of goods and equipment, Rotary Clubs and others seek advice and work with our distribution centres.

Volunteers loading equipment
Repurposed Hospital beds at St .Patricks Hospital, Zimbabwe


Operations Guidelines for In-kind Donations and Equipment Re-purposing
Recommended Procedures for Consigning Containers
Policy on the Distribution of Donated Goods both in Australia & Overseas
Compliance Policy for In-kind Donations and Equipment Re-purposing Activity
Acceptable Equipment Guidelines
Container Goods Despatch Application Form
Equipment “Good Will” Value Guide

Container Goods Despatch Form is in PDF Format. Ensure you have the latest Acrobat Reader DC PDF Reader. From the Tools menu select Fill & Sign to enter data and paste in your signature. Free download HERE

Recording consignments of containers.
It is important for all consignments to be recorded in a central database for future reference and to assist in the case of lost or misplaced containers.

All new users of the facility to record containers will need email the National RARE Manager to request access. The National Manager will request the webmaster to give the privilege of use to that person before they can gain entry.

All users will need to provide a personal email address unique to themselves and a mobile or home phone number so that we ensure those details are on our database before the privilege is granted.

Project Managers and Users can LOGIN HERE to record consignments.

For more information on how to register a project please contact your:
Regional Repurposing Manager or District RAWCS Co-ordinator.

Regional Repurposing Managers

MediShare National
MediShare Keith Roffey
MediShare Assistant Janice Harvey

Northern Region (QLD, NT, part NSW)
John Paskin 

Eastern Region (NSW, ACT)
RARE Manager Barry Philips
RARE Admin. Bob Chary

Southern Region (VIC, TAS part SA & NSW)
RARE – Frank Thompson
– Laurie Fisher   |  Website
Geelong – Frank Thompson |  Website

Central Region (SA and part NT, VIC & NSW)
David Cockshell  |  Website

Western Region (WA)
Phillip Asphar