RAWCS Rover is the quarterly magazine of RAWCS Eastern Region.


About RAWCS Rover

RAWCS has recently appointed a Communications team to By clarify our purpose and audience for each channel of RAWCS communication, to produce communications that are more engaging and effective.

Whilst RAWCS has plenty to say to donors and to non-project- participating Rotarians, and potential partners, it isn’t planning to use the Rover to do that.

The Rover is all about serving the Project People: Managers, Deputies, Team members and Volunteers.

Please let us know if there is something you would like us to include in the Rover, and feel free to offer us text and photos, remembering that we will be choosing the most useful, encouraging and entertaining combination we can, and that 200 words is usually a good sort of length.

We are happy to provide a link to a more in-depth exploration, if that is appropriate.

Do you have advice to share with your project-focussed peers?

Topics could include:

• Leads to partners

• Marketing ideas that worked for you

• Advice re-local government collaboration

• Tips on planning group travel experiences

• Advice on building an effective and engaged support team

• Crowd-funding- what works and what doesn’t

Would you like to invite collaboration in some way?

Do you have a funny, exciting or surprising story to tell?

The RAWCS Rover could be the place to do it!

Penny Vos

[email protected]

Eastern Region Communications

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