RAWCS Eastern Region links Rotary Districts 9660, 9675,

9685, 9705 and spans across much of NSW and the ACT.

The Eastern Region of RAWCS is making a difference in these locations around the world!

Next ER Quarterly Meeting – Zoom Meeting 21st May at 9am.

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RAWCS projects must be sponsored by an Australian Rotary Club or District and, where possible endorsed/partnered with a Rotary Club overseas. The exception is RABS projects that are local and are sponsored/administered by the same Rotary Club/District. If your Club is registering an international project and needs help, please contact the Regional Projects Supervisor or your District RAWCS Co-ordinator.

RAWCS Eastern Region Management Team

Coordinator PP Brian GOLDSTRAW D9750 0417 409 755coord.eastern@rawcs.org.au
Vice Coordinator
I P Coordinator
PDG Brian COFFEY D9670 0414 811 943 coord.ip.eastern@rawcs.org.au
Secretary Rtn Suzanne MORGAN D9660 0401 421 322 eastern@rawcs.org.au  
Treasurer East Region Rtn Suzanne MORGAN D9660 0401 421 322 treasurer.eastern@rawcs.org.au 
Projects Supervisor PP Sue O’NEILL D9685 0404 432 690 projects.eastern@rawcs.org.au
Volunteers Supervisor PP David WATERHOUSE D9685 0450 068 887 volunteers.eastern@rawcs.org.au 
Communications Supervisor –
Inc. Newsletter Editor and Webmaster
Rtn Penny VOS D9685 0429 170 739 comms.eastern@rawcs.org.au
Training SupervisorPP Mary BrellD97050417 215 986
RARE Manager PP Barry PHILIPS D9685 0419 415 451   rare.eastern@rawcs.org.au
RARE AdminPP Bob CHARYD96850411 794 441rare.eastern.admin@rawcs.org.au
RAM Supervisor PP Gary DAVIS D9705 0408 435 483 kylo@pcug.org.au 
MediShare SupervisorPDG Keith ROFFEYD96750419 046 688medishare.eastern@rawcs.org.au
MediShare AssistantPP Janice HARVEYD96750415 439 022janis.harvey@rawcs.org.au

District RAWCS Chairs

D9660 Peter COMINO0416 012 739 district.9660@rawcs.org.au
D9675 VACANT district.9675@rawcs.org.au
D9685 Jan PRYOR 0423 315 921 district.9685@rawcs.org.au
D9705 Bill WATTAM 0417 584 430 district.9705@rawcs.org.au

Rotary Australia Repurposing Equipment (RARE)

RARE, which commenced 1 Jan 2020, replaces Donations in Kind (DIK) Eastern Region to be re-established with the aim of creating a business model, that is sustainable, self-funding and in accordance with RAWCS Policies & Procedures moving forward.

The object of RARE is to enable Rotarians, the public and the corporate sector to deliver humanitarian aid and charitable support through its activities.

RARE’s role is to provide humanitarian aid through the provision of our ‘end of life’ equipment. The focus is Health & Wellbeing, Education & Literacy and Vocational. The aid must be effective for the long term, sustainable, enhance people’s lives and give Rotarians and others satisfaction for their efforts. New features include on-line inventory and container registration.

RARE Eastern Region Distribution Centre
Unit 4, 12-16 Anella Avenue, Castle Hill NSW 2154

Barry Philips – Supervisor
email: rare.eastern@rawcs.org.au | mobile: +61 (0)419 415 451  
mail: RARE, Rotary Australia World Community Service Limited
PO Box 7066, Norwest NSW 2153