RAWCS Southern Region

RAWCS Southern Region links Rotary Districts 9780, 9790, 9800, 9810, 9820 and 9830 spanning across the states of Victoria, Tasmania and Mt Gambier region South Australia.

COVID-19 Update –

Covid notice March has been rescinded as of 5 June 2020

Advice has been received from the RAWCS Executive that the directive issued by RAWCS Executive in April 2020 relating to COVID19 Fund Raising Projects has now been rescinded.  All applications relating to assisting in COVID19 pandemic fund raising projects can now be accepted and approved as within the normal approval process.  The RAWCS website homepage will be updated.

Merv Williams national.projects@rawcs.org.au National Manager Projects & Volunteers


RAWCS Rover is the quarterly magazine of news and events for RAWCS Southern Region.  [PDF will download to computer for viewing ]

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3 short videos

The three short videos (3-4 mins), are available for viewing via a cloud link or for downloading. The files are approx. 20 Mb.

RAWCS introduction : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1prWWnnistvBm8crRPKbVAZoN-kzid7nC/view?usp=drivesdk

RABS introduction : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VgCwie9YXZaZt7Z35Fcrc3SfYsag27v0/view?usp=drivesdk

RAM introduction. https://rawcs.org.au/rotarians-against-malaria-2/ If you go to the RAM website you may view via Utube or download the 45Mb file.

Southern Region Meeting schedule

27th October 2019,    16th Feb 2020,    17th May 2010,    9th August 2020

17 May 2020 quarterly reports.

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RAWCS SR Coordinators report May 2020

RAWCS SR Projects report May 2020

RAWCS SR Volunteers report May 2020

RAWCS SR RAM Report May 2020

RAWCS SR DIK Activity report Feb 2020

D9780 RAWCS report May 2020

D9790 RAWCS report May 2020

D9810 RAWCS report May 2020

D9830 RAWCS report May 2020

Rotary District Governors 2019-20

DG 9780 Rosanne Kava 0427 509 349 rosanne.kava@rotary9780.org

DG 9790 Brian Peters 0407 528 118 brianlpeters@icloud.com

DG 9800 Grant Hocking 0429 802 722 dg@rotarydistrict9800.org.au

DG 9810 Shia Smart 0429 039 369 shia.duncan@gmail.com

DG 9820 Adrian Froggatt 0400 074 342 afroggatt@netspace.net.au

DG 9830 Michael Cooke 0418 122 814 michael.cookee8@gmail.com

RAWCS SR Co-ordinators/Supervisors

COORDINATOR SR  PDG Ken Moore  0418 144 034

Vice COORDINATOR SR  PDG Mani Seneviratne  0409 123 292

SECRETARY SR  PP Virginia Turner  0414 245 815

TREASURER SR  PP Damian Harman  0412 945 878

SR COMMITTEE  PP Gary Gunnell  0448 405 709

PROJECTS SUPERVISOR SR  PP Vijay Susarla  0410 619 323

VOLUNTEERS SUPERVISOR SR  PP Brad Quilliam   0488 998 338

Deputy VOLUNTEERS SUPERVISOR SR  PP David Ronksley   0414 572 744

ROTARIANS AGAINST MALARIA SR  PP Gloria Hargreaves  0419 140 090

WATER AND SANITATION SR   PP Ruth Carlos Martinez  0448 366 292        past Water & Sanitation SR   PP Bill Chapman 0410 583 532



9780 Noel Howard 0439 311 053  district.chair9780@rawcs.org.au

9790 PDG Mani Seneviratne 0409 123 292  district.chair9790@rawcs.org.au

9800 PP Vijay Susarla  0410 619 323 district.chair9800@rawcs.org.au

9810 Tony Stokes  0419 577 886  district.chair9810@rawcs.org.au

9820  Harry Zeigler 0419 526 326  ziega@bigpond.com

9830 Leigh Dyson 0401 007 035  district.chair9830@rawcs.org.au

RAWCS & RNZCWS -zone 8

RAWCS and RNZWCS have established a working group which meets regularly to further develop a cooperative approach to supporting Rotary humanitarian projects in the Zone 8 region. The organisations are committed to working collaboratively, sharing information and expertise to further the object of Rotary.
Procedures have been established to register projects for each World Community Service in the jurisdiction of the other agency to enable tax deductable donations to be received and applied. RNZWCS established an appeal project in New Zealand to fund Bushfire recovery in Australia and RAWCS has registered the Emergency Response Kits (ERKs) project to support disaster victims in the Pacific through RNZWCS. Donations can be received by both agencies to support ERKs distribution to Cyclone Harold damaged areas.

Editor note : this table intentionally blank

Rotary Against Malaria

RAM_National_2019 Conference


[Link opens new tab and Downloads PDF]

Donations in KindDonations in Kind

Rotary Donations In Kind is a major recycler of Medical Equipment and Educational Supplies

You can be a partner in a great project by sponsoring items. Helping to fund a container is one of the easiest and most cost-effective International Projects for your Rotary club. You may choose to support the Total Shipment or the National Referral Hospital, the Dental Clinic or Wheelchairs for Kids or a specific item.

Learn more about Donations in Kind

RACG Rotary Australia Compassionate Grants. Pip and Dick SMITH donate again.

The news is another donation has been put forward and grant opportunity rounds are on the horizon.

Two and a half years ago, Dick and Pip Smith donated $1million to the Rotary Australia Benevolent Society (RABS) and this funded a new approach for Rotary Clubs across Australia to become more involved in assisting those in their local communities who were doing it tough through no fault of their own.

Reeve Rogers

Reeve Rogers has cerebral palsy. There is more story. .

The assistance was in the form of grants and Clubs needed to, as a minimum, match the amount of each grant. So Dick and Pip’s $1million dollars were more than doubled in delivering help.

104 projects were approved with grants of up to $15,000 coming from this fund.

The type of support given has been varied such as specialised transport for the disabled, travel and accommodation expenses for families. Cases whereby loved ones (generally young children) may receive treatment, however living expenses for families who have a breadwinner injured and unable to work may have ongoing treatments not covered by the National Health Scheme. Specialised facilities that allow severely disabled people to get outdoors and mix socially were some of the avenues supported.

One special rotary project worked with the Variety Club and Diabetes Australia to provide disadvantaged children with Insulin Pumps and other projects worked with the Farming Community to provide Drought Relief support.

Some of these projects have since developed into ongoing programs, but it was thanks to the initial grants that they got off the ground. The number of people benefiting from our Compassionate Grants is in the hundreds but when we consider those who gain help by knowing that someone else cares is probably in the thousands.

Thank you Pip and Dick

[Link opens new tab and Downloads PDF]       RACG Rogers Family Support

Example Projects from RAWCS Southern Region

Timor Rotary Consortium Project PDF

Construction and Installation – Baguia Sub-district, Timor Leste

32 Water Tanks and 4 Toilet buildings & WASH Training
2017 – 2020 Global Grant Number: GG 1868328 RAWCS registration: 54-2017-2018
Final report conclusion

The need for clean water and sanitation in this mountainous area of Timor Leste is very great and it is with pride and pleasure that we advise of the completion of this programme and the full expenditure of its AUD $139,150 Budget, which comprised donations of totalling $72,000 from the six Rotary Clubs in this Consortium, a 9800 District Grant of $10,000 a Global Grant from The Rotary Foundation of $48,681, donations through RAWCS of $2,733 and personal donations of $5,736 from private individuals.

Four (4) Team Visits were made to the region by Rotarians and other volunteers during the course of the project and copies of their four (4) individual reports are enclosed at the end of this Final Report.

It is very pleasing to note that construction of the last 3 Toilet Buildings was carried out completely by locals, using materials and local skilled/semi-skilled labour paid for by the Consortium. This work involved digging stone and concrete lined effluent Pits, laying concrete Toilet floors with inset squat toilets and building concrete block walls and Colorbond roofs.

The Water Tanks were installed on stone and concrete tank stands and fed with clean water from either nearby springs or from gutter and downpipe systems installed on nearby school roofs with the majority of this work at the end of the project being carried out entirely by locals.

“WASH” Training was originally provided by the Dili based Timor Foundation but they were not able to provide on-site training in the more remote hill villages and this work ended up being provided by a local doctor from the Baguia community Health Centre which worked well.

Vijay Susarla Project Manger E: susarla2008@gmail.com

Fresh-Food-for-Families  Link to PDF template for community action.

Computer Training Centre in Timor Leste

The Gateway Rotaract Club equipped a Computer Training Centre for the people of Balibar, Timor Leste

Donations in Kind, were able to supply the educational equipment that Teachers and Students need.east_timor_classroom

Improving Education in Morobe Province

png_school png_schoolWith assistance from Donations in Kind, local schools and organizations, Rotary Club of Essendon shipped 21,089 books to Morobe Schools in Papua New Guinea.

Southern Region AGM & Information day.

The AGM and the quarterly meeting for the Rotary year 2019-20 incorporating all Victorian and Tasmanian Rotary Districts will be held at Ciloms Airport Lodge, 398 Melrose Drive, Tullamarine, Vic 3043.


All Rotarians are invited to attend this significant occasion, which will be of particular interest to Club Presidents, together with District and Club International and RAWCS Chairs, as the program will provide interesting and important information for sourcing, planning, and financing an International project

WHEN: 9.30pm – 3.30pm 9th August, 2020
WHERE: Ciloms Airport Lodge, 398 Melrose Drive, Tullamarine, Vic 3043.
TIME: 9.00 for 9.30 am

RAM Annual Conference 2019

NOTE: Pre-Conference Workshops – two information workshops on the Sat. morning (24th Aug)

Speaker topics include:- global malaria statistics; malaria in pregnancy and the malaria vaccine PlasProtecT® research. Find out about civil societies’ roles in malaria elimination. Learn about the malaria elimination needs and achievements in our partner countries: Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Timor Leste and West Timor.

As well as hearing invited speakers on the Sunday morning, the Conference Program will include RAM’s General Meeting which will give you an opportunity to contribute to RAM’s annual plan for minimising the impact of malaria in our neighbouring countries. This Meeting also includes orientation for new Regional Coordinators and District Chairs.

Online registration.    A more detailed flyer includes registration fees, accommodation details and the Conference Program is now open on the RAM website.



More about the Rotary 6 Avenues of Focus

mother child iconSaving Mothers and Children

7 million children under the age of five die each year due to malnutrition, poor health care, and inadequate sanitation. To help reduce this rate, we improve access to essential medical services, and support trained health care providers for mothers and their children.

health iconFighting Disease

More than 100 million people are pushed into poverty each year because of medical costs. We aim to improve and expand access to low-cost and free health care in underdeveloped areas. We educate and mobilize communities to help prevent the spread of major diseases.

literacySupporting Education

Sixty-seven million children worldwide have no access to education and more than 775 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate. Our goal is to strengthen the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender disparity in education, and increase adult literacy.

water iconWater and Sanitation

peace iconPeace and Conflict Resolution

economic iconEconomic and Community Development