If you know the project number and year, simply type in the details below:

If you know the project number and year of registration of the project you wish to donate to please click on the link above.


If you are unsure, this presentation may help you with our donation process.

How to make a donation (PowerPoint presentation)

To make a donation, search for projects by particular words, Country, Rotary International Areas of Focus, Donations in Kind and Rotarians Against Malaria. You can also define the search further by selecting those requiring volunteers or funding.The advanced search is to assist Regional Coordinators, Project Managers, Clubs and Districts identify those projects that they are responsible for administering. If you are having trouble you can download a fact sheet on how to donate to RAWCS.
RAWCS prefers that you select a specific project and donate to that project. You can find the projects by using Project Search. All registered projects have a donate button. All donations made are issued a tax deductible receipt by email as soon as the funds are confirmed in the RAWCS account. If you do not wish to select a specific project you can make a general donations to these projects:

Before applying to take part in a project. Please ensure you read our important information section.

RAWCS Projects are registered for three different purposes:

RAOAF – Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund is an Overseas Aid Fund to provide sustainable development aid in developing countries as identified by the Department of Foreign Affairs or short term relief for disasters.

RABS – Rotary Australia Benevolent Society is a Public Benevolent Fund to register projects within Australia to enable Rotary Clubs and District to provide assistance to people in need within their local or wider community.

RARF – Rotary Australia Relief Fund is a Public Benevolent Fund for donations applied to RAWCS projects responding a sustainable need or for disaster relief, both here in Australia and overseas. It is administered by a RAWCS committee and a committee from a Rotary Club or District in the country where the project is located or the disaster occurs.


ALL RAWCS projects must be sponsored by an Australian Rotary Club or District and wherever possible endorsed or partnered with a Rotary Club or District overseas. The only exception are RABS projects that are local and are sponsored and administered by the same Rotary Club or District.

For more information on how to register a project please contact your District RAWCS Co-ordinator or Regional Project Supervisor.  Applications must be completed online. To make an application please follow the appropriate link here .