2019 Bushfires Appeals

We have all seen the disastrous fires that have erupted, taking lives as well as destroying hundreds of homes and properties across Australia.

Rotary is once again taking the lead and looking to provide support for families in need. To this end several Rotary Districts and Clubs have established projects which are ready and able to accept donations from you.

The projects are:

East Gippsland Rotary Fire Aid
South Australia Bushfire Relief
Queensland Bushfires Relief Appeal
Western Australia Bushfire Relief Project
Yorke Peninsula Bushfire Relief Fund
Macleay Valley Bushfire Relief Fund
Armidale & Northern Tablelands Bushfire Relief Appeal
Taree & Mid Coast NSW Bushfire Relief Appeal
Bushfire traumatized farmers in need
Queensland Bushfire Relief Project

RAWCS Current Drought Projects

As we move on from the devastating drought conditions of the past few years, happily many regions in Australia are now experiencing a return to good seasons. Rotary recognizes that for many families, impacted by the extreme conditions of 2017-2019, financial recovery will take many years and that not all regions are entirely free of drought.

The Federal Government also understands this and as a result have partnered with RAWCS to implement the Drought Community Outreach Program (DCOP) to raise awareness of the many forms of drought relief and recovery support offered by both Government and non-Government agencies and to provide direct financial assistance in the form of $500 vouchers to eligible drought affected families.

Under the agreement, signed in June 2020, the Government has entrusted RAWCS with $7.5 million to assist with delivery of community outreach events in drought affected areas across the nation. RAWCS is collaborating with the National Recovery and Resilience Agency (NRRA) and engaging local Rotary Clubs to assist and support the events and to encourage attendance. Despite considerable disruption to the program caused by ongoing Covid restrictions, 51 community outreach events in six States were supported by Rotary in 2020-2021 and the program is continuing in 2021-22.

RAWCS has also reached drought affected families in areas where no outreach events have been held by mailing vouchers to eligible families identified through the networks of Rotary, NRRA Recovery Support Officers and the Rural Financial Counselling Service.  This aspect of the DCOP will be accelerated in 2021-22 in conjunction with Rotary District Drought Committees. The DCOP is also designed to stimulate the local economies of the selected towns through encouraging voucher recipients to spend locally and through Rotary and the other participating agency’s event operating costs.

RAWCS continues to facilitate and support Drought projects by individual Rotary Clubs and Districts in addition to the National program.


Rotary Drought Relief Distribution Projects: District 9560 Northern Queensland 46-2013-14
District 9620 Southern Queensland 59-2013-14
District 9650 Northern NSW 2-2018-19
District 9650 Western NSW 18-2018-19
District 9670 Central NSW 33-2018-19
District 9705 Southern NSW 38-2018-19

Rotary Australia World Community Service
Phone Contacts are listed below
Website: rawcs.org.au


National Belinda Griffen General Inquiries 02 8833 8317
National David Pearson General Inquiries 0428 792 613
District 9560 Lee Cox Far North Queensland 0405 172 028
District 9560 Ron Poulsen Northern Queensland 0427 157 499
District 9560 Dave Perkins Northern Queensland 0418 776 799
District 9560 Damien Arthur Western Queensland 0448 180 362
District 9560 Grant Goulivitch Central Queensland 0419 787 326
District 9620 Philip Charles Southern Queensland 0413 026 994
District 9620 Bryan Payne Southern Queensland 0427 379 909
District 9650 Reg Pierce Northern and Western NSW 0417 472 723
District 9670 Graeme Hooper Central NSW 0417 203 603
District 9705 David Post Southern NSW 0408 221 696
District 9705 Chris Finkel Southern NSW 0429 661 358
District 9800 Grant Hocking Victoria 0429 802 722

Drought Assistance help available from Government and other organisations