What RAWCS does

Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd (RAWCS) works in harmony with the Rotary Foundation and its ‘Areas of Focus’, delivering humanitarian aid through the Australian regional network of Rotarians, Clubs and Districts by empowering:

  • Projects – volunteer work teams and/or funding for Rotary projects undertaken locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Rotarians Against Malaria – providing supplies, equipment and volunteers to support the elimination of malaria in our region by 2030;
  • Donations-in-kind – collecting and transporting surplus goods from Australia to where they are needed overseas;
  • Communications – delivering Rotary in action to the public, the corporate sector, philanthropists and governments and linking Rotarians and Clubs with RAWCS activities.

These activities provide sustainable development and relief work overseas and charitable support for people in need of assistance within Australia. RAWCS administers three Tax Deductible funds:

  • Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund – currently supporting 387 overseas projects delivering humanitarian aid in 130 countries;
  • Rotary Australia Benevolent Society – last year supported 104 compassionate grants to Australians in need;
  • Rotary Australia Relief Fund – rapid response to accept donations to major appeals disbursing funds to appropriate aid projects.

RAWCS provides back end systems and project services to all Australian Rotary Clubs for project accounting, donations and fund raising support, management, regulatory compliance, volunteer support, communications and marketing. These services are overseen by the Australian District Governors who are the RAWCS Ltd members.

So why should Australian Rotarians use RAWCS?

  • Easy to use on line systems that deliver nationally consistent project management in line with the ethical behavior and values of Rotary International.
  • Providing you and your project partners with tax deductibility for donors, project accounting, internal audit, and secure international currency transfers at low rates.
  • RAWCS has comprehensive Australian Government registrations providing regulatory compliance for your project.
  • RAWCS Promotes Rotary through nationally recognized high profile projects, advocacy and marketing.

In the last 12 months RAWCS has processed AUD$ 32M in donations. Significant progress has been made on the RAWCS Strategic Goal of sourcing external funding for Rotary Projects. This has amounted to AUD$ 10M in the past few years and RAWCS has developed policies and plans to source further significant external funding to assist and strengthen Rotary projects.

Rotary Australia World Community Service Limited (RAWCS) was incorporated in 1987 as a public company limited by guarantee, bound by its constitution and authorised by Rotary International as a Multi-District Activity.

RAWCS has established a staffed office to process the administrative, accounting and banking functions.

HEAD OFFICE: 25 / 1 Maitland Place, Norwest NSW 2153, Australia

RAWCS is not an emergency response organization, but rather looks to engage in sustainable, developmental or relief projects.

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