RAWCS and RNZWCS have established a working group which meets regularly to further develop a cooperative approach to supporting Rotary humanitarian projects in the Zone 8 region. The organisations are committed to working collaboratively, sharing information and expertise to further the object of Rotary.

Procedures have been established to register projects for each World Community Service in the jurisdiction of the other agency to enable tax deductable donations to be received and applied. RNZWCS established an appeal project in New Zealand to fund Bushfire recovery in Australia and RAWCS has registered the Emergency Response Kits (ERKs) project to support disaster victims in the Pacific through RNZWCS. Donations can be received by both agencies to support ERKs distribution to Cyclone Harold damaged areas.

Another example of our collaboration is through Rotarians Against Malaria in Australia, New Zealand District 9910 and Australian Districts 9810 and 9820 working together to support malaria elimination projects in Vanuatu. Vanuatu’s malaria program is at a critical juncture and Rotary’s joint efforts will help Vanuatu reach zero malaria. Both agencies are currently assessing what support could be applied to help partner countries in Zone 8 recover from the economic impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Links to each web site can be found on the website of the other and the organisations are cooperating on communications and IT support.

For more information visit:
Communique or www.rnzwcs.org