RAWCS Projects involving COVID-19

Due to the current situation around the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world, the RAWCS Executive has directed that at the present time RAWCS will not be accepting or approving any applications for registration of new fund-raising projects in relation to COVID-19 until further notice.


The RAWCS Executive have provided an exception to this directive.

Where projects involving COVID-19 within Australia have been submitted, these projects may be considered if these projects relate to a specific need within Australia and are fully funded by the project sponsoring club.  

Some current examples are scrub hats for nurses, providing food for families & individuals.

Volunteer Travel

ALL travel by RAWCS Project Volunteer Teams is suspended until further notice. (already on the COVID19 article)

RAWCS appreciates the compassion of many Rotarians, Volunteers and Rotary Clubs who wish to support those many, many people impacted by COVID-19.

Once COVID-19 is cleared, we look forward to once again supporting our Rotarians, Volunteers and Rotary Clubs in projects.