Emergency Response Kits Project aid for Cyclone Harold victims.

Emergency Response Kits are comprised of a useful plastic box containing 70 plus approved items specifically designed to help families in the aftermath of natural disasters in the Pacific islands such as cyclones, earth quakes and tsunamis. Distributions are in hand to support those impacted by Cyclone Harold. The Kits which adhere to the Sphere Standard include tarpaulins, tools, fishing gear, kitchen and homewares, toiletries, medical, sanitary and other miscellaneous items.

Often people are housed immediately following a disaster in an evacuation centre and then return home to camp until such time as their home can be rebuilt. The Emergency Response Kit can be the first tangible support they receive in helping them start to rebuild their lives.

Prepositioned supplies are held in New Zealand and in strategic centres across the Pacific to enable a rapid response following a disaster on request from the in country National Emergency Management Office. Past distributions have been made in most Pacific and other neighbours including Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, and the Cook Islands.

The value of a kit is about AUD$600 which includes transportation and storage costs.

Donate through Project 86-2019-20 (RAOAF).: RNZWCS Emergency Response Kits

For more info – RAWCS – RNZWCS Communique