Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) assists Rotary Clubs in Australia with the development and management of international community service projects.

Whether it’s projects to help rebuild in the aftermath of disaster, programs to bring education to countries where illiteracy stifles development or bringing health care and medical aid to those who can least access it.

Head Office:
Level 3, 43 Hunter Street, Parramatta NSW 2124, Australia
Postal: PO Box 3168, Parramatta NSW 2124, Australia
Tel: +61 02 8833 8317


Chairman                                               PDG Michael Perkins    [email protected]
Secretary & Vice Chairman                PDG Hank de Smit         [email protected]
Treasurer                                               PP Mike Whitehouse     [email protected]
Immediate Past Chairman                 PDG John McLaren        [email protected]
DG Representative                               Robert Tardiani               [email protected] 
DGE Representative                            Ross Carlyle                      [email protected] 
DGN Representative                           To be appointed               [email protected]
Manager Operations                           PDG Jerry Casburn         [email protected]
Manager Projects & Volunteers                      PP  Mick Willis        [email protected]
Manager Donations in Kind (DIK)                PDG Keith Roffey    [email protected]
Manager Rotarians against Malaria (RAM) PP  David Pearson   [email protected]


Belinda Griffen
Pauline Lane              [email protected]
PP Reg Emmett         [email protected]

Regional Chairs

Chairman  Northern Region    PDG Phil Dempster        [email protected] 
Chairman Eastern Region        PDG Adrian Roach          [email protected]
Chairman Southern Region     PDG Mani Seneviratne   [email protected]
Chairman Central Region         PDG Jerry Casburn         [email protected]
Chairman Western Region       PP Richard Lugg              [email protected]


Regional Secretaries

Northern Region  PP Mary Grant                   secretary.[email protected]
Eastern Region     PP Brian Goldstraw          secretary.[email protected]
Southern Region  PP Virginia Turner            secretary.[email protected]
Central Region     PP Peter Hammond           secretary.[email protected]
Western Region   PP Rajah Senathirajah      secretary.[email protected]

Regional Treasurers

Northern Region   Rtn Peter Collins               [email protected]
Eastern Region      Rtn Janis Harvey              [email protected]
Southern Region   PP Damian Harman         [email protected]
Central Region       PP Peter Hammond         [email protected]
Western Region     PP Rajah Senathirajah     [email protected]

Regional Project & Volunteer Chairs

Northern Region  PDG John Leddy      [email protected]
Eastern Region     PP Lloyd Chatfield   [email protected]
Southern Region  PP David Ronksley   [email protected]
Central Region     PP Joe Meuris            [email protected]
Western Region   PP Noel Allen             [email protected]

Regional Donations in Kind (DIK) Chairs

Northern Region      PP Colin Laurenson         [email protected]

Eastern Region         PP Miriam Jacka              [email protected]

Southern Region      PP David Meller                [email protected]

               Footscray    PP Laurie Fisher               [email protected]
               Geelong       PP Anton Van Doornik    [email protected]  

Central Region         PP David Cockshell           [email protected]

Western Region       PP Trevor Canning            [email protected]

Regional Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) Chairs

Northern Region      PDG Phil Dempster        [email protected]
Eastern Region         PP John Macpherson     [email protected]
Southern Region      PP Gloria Hargreaves     [email protected]
Central Region         PP Milton Lewis               [email protected]
Western Region       PP Peter McKenzie         [email protected]

Regional Rotary Australia Benevolent Society (RABS) Chairs

Northern Region  PDG Michael Buckeridge  [email protected]
Eastern Region     PP Alan Chesworth         [email protected]
Southern Region   PP David Ronksley         [email protected]
Central Region      PP Russell Green            [email protected]
Western Region    PP Peter McKenzie        [email protected]

District RAWCS Chairs
9455 PP Peter McKenzie [email protected]
9465 PP Barry Berger [email protected]
9500 PP Bryan Harris [email protected]
9520 PP Les Burgemeister [email protected]
9550 PP Logan Alderson [email protected]
9570 PDG Michael Buckeridge [email protected]
9600 PDG George Grant [email protected]
9630 PP John Paskin [email protected]
9640 PP Therese Crollick [email protected]
9650 PP Reg Pierce [email protected]
9670 PP Steve Carroll [email protected]
9675 PP Malcolm Brown [email protected]
9685 Rtn Jan Pryor [email protected]
9700 PP Chris Finkel [email protected]
9710 PDG Glenn Wran [email protected]
9780 PP Gerard McNamara [email protected]
9790 PP David Meller [email protected]
9800 PDG Jim Studebaker [email protected]
9810 PP Peter Malden [email protected]
9820 PP Alan Laughton [email protected]
9830 PP Jillian Freeman [email protected]


District RABS Chairs

9455           PP Peter McKenzie                 [email protected]

9465           PP Barry Berger                      [email protected]

9500           PP Russell Green                    [email protected]

9520           PP Les Burgemeister              [email protected]

9550           PP Logan Alderson                 [email protected]

9570           PDG Michael Buckeridge       [email protected]

9600           PDG George Grant                  [email protected]

9630           PP John Paskin                        [email protected]

9640           PP Therese Crollick                 [email protected]

9650           PP Ian Klein                              [email protected]

9670           DGE Brian Coffey                    [email protected]

9675            PP Malcom Brown                  [email protected] 

9685            Rtn Jan Pryor                          [email protected]

9700            PP Alan Chesworth                [email protected] 

9710             PDG Glenn Wran                   [email protected]

9780            PP Gerard McNamara           [email protected]

9790            PP David Meller                      [email protected]

9800           PP Austen Burleigh                [email protected]

9810            PP Peter Malden                     [email protected]

9820           PP Alan Laughton                   [email protected]

9830           PP Becc Gibson                        [email protected]


For general enquiries please contact [email protected]